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Humboldt Grain Girls

Holiday Mix - Sprouted Whole Grain Flour Blend

Holiday Mix - Sprouted Whole Grain Flour Blend

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Flavor Profile: The perfect blend of soft white and red flour varieties. The majority of Seahawk Soft White Wheat lends a fineness and slight sweetness while the addition of Hollis Red Wheat gives it a little punch of wheatiness that doesn't overpower.

Suggested uses: Seahawk and Hollis varieties both grown in Humboldt County. This mix is intended for use in cookie recipes, pie crusts, shortbreads, holiday morning pancakes waffles or crepes. Give your challah or other yeasty bread recipes a flavor and texture boost by adding a small percentage of this mix. Sprouting typically decreases gluten but increases overall protein.

Grown on a small farm by: Scott & Trinalyn Wilson in Humboldt County, CA

Comes with 5" Bigfoot Cookie Cutter and Recipe Card for Sugar Cookies.

Net Wt: 1.5 lb (680 g) bag of flour, .10 lb add'l weight of cookie cutter & card


Soft white wheat

Suggestions for use

Cakes, crackers, cookies, pasteries, quick breads, muffins

Location Grown


Storage Instructions

Keep in air tight container away from light.

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